Joining Foróige Permission Form

Please note the following before using this form:
  • This form is to be used only by Parents/ Guardians to apply for their child to join the above Foróige Club
  • Please ensure that the same Parent/ Guardian fills in the forms on behalf of all children/wards within a family or household unit
This is to ensure that we correctly identify your family/ household, and accurately calculate fees.

Please also note the age rules around joining Foroige:
  • For Foróige Clubs, your child or ward must be aged between 12 and 17
  • For Foróige Junior Clubs, your child must be aged between 10 and 12
  • For Special Interest Clubs, your child must be aged between 10 and 17
Your club may choose a narrower age range within these limits. Any queries, contact a leader in your club
Registration Check

If ‘Yes’, your childs details are already in the system, and you will only be asked to confirm their details, avoiding duplication and saving you time.
Young Person Details

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